Bank of Punjab Official Website


Bank of Punjab is one of the biggest Government backed banking chains in Pakistan. They had a very outdated website. They established a new corporate department to polish their corporate identity that decided to redesign their web presence.

Requirements Gathering

This requirements gathering was one of the most challenging works we’ve done so far, as the BOP had 16 divisions at that time. Every department head and its subordinates had their own wishlist, so the main challenge was consolidating all this information. We set up a requirements gathering team that did an awesome job coming up with a comprehensive requirements document set up for approval from every division.


Deployment of the website was another challenging thing as they asked us to choose open source stack to save licensing but their available environment was running on IIS. We installed newly developed website that was in PHP on IIS stack and as it was a financial institution, security was one of the major concerns. Our Security Department did a thorough testing for almost three day to make sure there shouldn’t be any single loophole as it was using third party tool for deployment.