Active Lookup
Active Lookup

Built from scratch! Active lookup, built in house, promises information on any eateries in your locality! with an easy to navigate and search, this app is very handy when it comes to having a directory of food places at hand,

Julian Charles

Julian Charles Making the purchases from the comfort of your home very easy! Julian Charles provides quality products in the UK at your doorstep and through their outlets!


Language practice network Multikey is geolocation powered interest-based network for language practice with native speakers. You can practice both online and by meeting people in real life. On the ‘Multikey Map,’ you can also find events and places nearby to

My E-Clinic

Doctor Consultation Made Easy! When it comes to health concerns during this pandemic, My E-Clinic takes a step forward to breach the gap between doctors and patients by providing them an easy to use platform that provides them the same

The Big Silk - Shopify
The Big Silk

The Big Silk The big silk is a Shopify store built from scratch with a custom theme to fit the brand. When we say it provides a very optimized shopping experience, it’s because we built it that way!